Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Snowbodys are ready for Christmas!

 Here is Lil Snowbody with her ear muffs and matching hat and scarf. I found this old trim (pompoms on a row of weaved yarn) left over from something my mother had in her trim bin. It is perfect for this Lil project.

Mr Snowbody has a matching vest to Mrs. Snowbody's cape. A little gold ribbon as a chain linking the buttons and a warm felt scarf has him ready for a very dressy outdoor celebration.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Well, it doesn't seem to make sense to me, that I have Thanksgiving around the corner at my house to prepare for, my step sons wedding the week after that, and a trip to Disney World 2 days after that, and I am making Christmas ornaments and gifts. Oh well, it makes me happy so what the hey!
This is Mrs. Snowbody. I'm gonna introduce you to Mr. Snowbody in a few days. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I finished my tablecloth quilt in time for Thanksgiving. I found a panel of wine motifs and wine glasses and some coordinating fabrics of a vineyard and words of different types of wine . I created this tablecloth to fit my 72 inch long table. Now I'm ready to bring on the turkey, stuffing, and Pumpkin Pie.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Wow! I haven't been on my blog for over a year! Guess I need to get focused. Here are some of the projects I have done since I last posted anything. Starting with February 2013:

My husband was last to get a quilt all to himself in my family. He likes a more modern style so I made this quilt from a pattern known as "City Lights" . I backed it with black minky and its very warm and snuggly.

April 2013 I was ready to use my serger and try to make some quick projects. After doing a long project like a quilt, I need more instant gratification so my projects are small. This is a carrying pouch that I made for my son to hold his handheld video games. I made it from the scraps of the fabrics used to make his quilt.

I was still learning to use my serger so I decided to make a knit outfit.The skirt is lightweight and flouncy. The top is a rib knit. Fits great and figure flattering.

  Then I decided I needed another fast project as the skirt and top and learning my serger had become too lengthy for my attention span again. This is a money wallet. It has 5 zippered pockets, each with a clear plastic label holder to identify its intended use.

My next project was a  purse I made with wonderful african motif fabric and lined with a matching orange satin. I am just now using it as it looks very fallish. I made it in May of 2013 but am just now using it in October /November.

This was done with my Accuquilt Go! It is amazing how much fabric this takes so I made a table cloth. I love the brown and turquoise together. This was done in June 2013. The Accuquilt makes the log cabin block easy and Exact which is the key to making it work. I do think it used more fabric than if I had rotary cut this, but the risk of not being exact is greater with rotary cutting...at least for me.

I don't know what happened in July and August and September, but clearly I wasn't making anything. No dolls, No purses, NO quilts. It was a fix your house kind of summer...the pool liner, the pool pump, the water softener, the fireplace, and the fence. And believe me, none of them was an easy fix except the fence. So, I think it was a good idea I didn't add to my frustration with a sewing project. I think my stars were misaligned.

Finally, October came and I was finished with home fix its. I began working with felt. This little owl turned out great. I started on little Santas and discovered my hand sewing needed some practice, so I made larger owls and got better.

 Then I made it a little smaller with the orange one.
And finally the littlest owl , who looks like he's ready for halloween.

This was my first Santa....cute but the hand sewing leaves a lot to improve on.

Mid October I went to my sister Sharon's house in Richmond for 5 days. It was first time I had been away for my men for that long ever! So we planned on making elves for Christmas. We made 5 of them! It took all 5 days and we were mass producing them, not doing them one at a time. It is almost all hand sewing. We used a Dinky Doll pattern . They are precious! But I don't think I'll make these to sell unless someone wants to \buy them for $150 or more.

Lastly, today, November 2, 2013 I finished an appliqued wall hanging. As my usual, I could have had it finished a month ago, but taking a class online hasn't left much time. But it's finished and hanging in my family room.

Thats it for so far this year. Now that I have caught up, I will start the next projects for Christmas.