Monday, October 3, 2011

A tisket a tasket a real life baby basket!

 Here is a toddler doll I made that is 24" long. I figured he needed a bed to sleep in, so I found these straw baskets. I then customized the liner and flannel mattress.
 You can see the mattress is made from a contrasting flannel material and stuffed and tufted. The straw handles are covered and attached with Velcro so they can be removed and washed.
The Basket is 30" long and big enough for a real newborn.

Great nephew gets a buddy for Christmas

 This is Ben. He loves caps and boy things like tractors.
 This is Ben playing in the grass ...surprised he doesn't have a worm or frog with him.
 Here is the Ben doll I made, complete with cap. He also has a scar over his left eyebrow just like the one he has in real life.
This is his Grandma missing him and hold his look alike pal . She can't wait to see the real Ben and I hope he likes his buddy. This little guy has jointed arms and legs. I'm hoping we don't regret that part since he is all boy. Oh well. I am Aunti forever and can fix it anytime he needs.